[USED] VA - Coup De Grace / Invasion & Friends 2k5 (2005) [CD-R]


1 –Črno Klank Final 2:07
2 –Muckrackers vs. Lith Fear Of A Communist Planet? 4:21
3 –Adam Strang Frrr 3:10
4 –Mimetic Fake* Compulsion 3:31
5 –Synapscape Travel Again 3:43
6 –Deathsitcom Fight Music With Fightmusic 3:55
7 –Ctrler My 95 Bokanowsky Brotherz (Extreme Dance Remix) 3:15
8 –Rasputin Die Gefahren Des Modernen Lebens 2:33
9 –BooT-SectoR-ViruZ Freak Off! 2:10
10 –Schizoid vs. Thoracic Disruptor Blow Your Brains Out 1:57
11 –Fragment King Monolith (Pathomecanical) 4:34
12 –Flint Glass Delivrance 5:57
13 –Maladroit Ambassadors Of The Funkdoom 4:13
14 –Dead Data Ponks My Tsunami Is Bigger Than Your Tsunami 2:07
15 –Mourmansk 150 Abolition 3:38
16 –Rank Sinatra Nothing Compares To You 2:37
17 –Az-Rotator Omatron 4:11
18 –Not Half* Theme From Cold Meat Industry Staff Party 7:00
19 –On / Off (2) Sang (Kpobb) 4:00
20 –Ambassador 21 Blood (Kpobb) 4:50

[Conditon: USED]
Various / Split
Style: > Electro / Body / Aggrotech
Style: > IDM / Abstract / Breakcore
Style: > Rhythmic Noise / Powernoise
Style: > Techno / Technoid
Label: > Invasion Wreck Chords
Format: > CD-R


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