[USED] VA - Interior (2008) [CD-R]

limited 100 copies. ステッカー付。

1 Bonebound The Bone Room
2 Runes Order Morpheus I
3 Cropcircle The 13th Month
4 Klaws Krossed Interiorization
5 Aka Manah Spectral Desolate Wind
6 Globoscuro Osteoporosis
7 Krankheit Flagellation
8 Lucas Darklord All The Color After Thought
9 Industrial Implant Crime And Passion
10 Permafrost Hollow Glass
11 Colossoth Nevergreen
12 Aleph Naught Emanations Of Opposite Existence
13 Corpoparassita Viatico A Un Morente
14 D_Sound At The Sea
15 Camisole Phantom Lodge
16 Neuropa Sickness Is Business
17 Chaoticum Stimulus

[Conditon: USED]
Style: > Ambient / Drone / Ritual
Style: > Death / Dark Noise
Label: > Invisible Eye Productions
Format: > CD-R
Various / Split


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