VA - V Years Of E.C.T. (2022) [Cassette | 2xCD-R]

limited edition of 50 & 50 numbered copies.
No. 01-50 is a C90 cassette version and no. 51-100 comes as double CDr.
All copies accompanied by a 12 page, A5 size booklet with info related to the artists and the action of the label.
Each booklet includes 5 unique, handmade, colored collages, totally different in each copy.

- Infame Esposito
- Kadaver
- d E
- Inner Paradise
- Emaztegaiak
- Костница
- N.
- H.C.N.
- Grim Machine

[Condition: NEW]
Style: > Ambient / Drone / Ritual
Style: > Avant / Experimental
Style: > Death / Dark Noise
Style: > Harsh Noise
Style: > Power|Heavy Electronics
Label: > E.C.T.
Format: > Cassette Tape
Format: > CD-R
Various / Split


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