VA - International (2021) [2xCassette]

Limited, numbered, box-set edition of 100 copies. Including 2 cassettes, 1 booklet, 3 stickers and 1 poster, in an hand-made cardboard box. ⁡

※ 他のE.C.T.作品どれか1本と一緒に購入された場合は収録曲『ANOKTHUS - Autogestion』のDLコードを添付いたします

"International" compilation includes :⁡
-Animal Machine⁡
-Black Purification⁡
-Blood Chubb⁡
-Cannibal Ritual⁡
-Carbonized Organs⁡
-d E⁡
-Grim Machine⁡
-Estasi Acida (E.A.)⁡
-Faintin' Goats⁡
-Infame Esposito⁡
-Kadaver (Michael Zolotov)⁡
-Macrorganmenia + PRC⁡
-PCR + Amplexus⁡
-Praying For Oblivion⁡
-Qamat Is-sa'atu⁡
-Sebastian Ortiz⁡
-Takahiro Mukai⁡
-Terminal Unit⁡
-Tube Tentacles (Enrique Garoz DE Diego)⁡
-VeRa Spektor⁡

[Condition: NEW]
Style: > Ambient / Drone / Ritual
Style: > Avant / Experimental
Style: > Concrète / Contemporar
Style: > Death / Dark Noise
Style: > Harsh Noise
Style: > Junk / Lo-Fi
Style: > Old School
Style: > Power|Heavy Electronics
Style: > Rhythmic Noise / Powernoise
Style: > Other
Label: > E.C.T.
Format: > Cassette Tape
Japanese Artist
Various / Split


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