industrial, experimental, noise, power electronics, avantgarde, and more.

September 2012
B5/52 pages
Artist of issue:
Rudolf Eb Er.
Essential experimental records featuring: Jeph Jerman / Hands To. Joe Colley / Crawl Unit. Justin Mitchell / Cold Spring & Satori.
Tommi keranen (Testicle Hazard. Pymathon. etc).
Loke Rahbek (LR. Caucasian Colony. etc)
Michael Esposito
Kinit Her
Cremation Lily
Field recordings article featuring Altar of Flies. Alfarmania. Eric Lunde. Hal Hutchinson. Jeph Jerman.
Essential noise relate books with Pekka Pera-Taka (Sick Seed. SSRI…).

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